Understanding Your Aid

Accepting or Declining Awards

Awards are not automatically accepted. Students must login into their Texan Connect to accept all awards, as well to decline awards. The student is responsible for declining awards if the student decides to not attend or does not want the award. If the student does not attend classes and fails to withdraw from classes prior to the first day of SPC'S semester, the student will owe at least 30% of tuition and fees without exception.


Award Amounts

Fall semester and spring semester awards are originally awarded based on full time enrollment. After census date, awards are adjusted according to the hours enrolled. Summer semester awards are based on preregistration enrollment.


Estimated Awards

Prior to census date, awards are estimated as shown on the tuition and fee statement.


Book Purchases

Beginning approximately a week prior to the first class day through the first few days of each semester, students can charge books against the estimated awards up to the balance remaining after tuition and fee charges are fully covered. The specific dates are available upon inquiry to the business office, financial aid office and bookstore each semester.


Award Disbursements

If awarded prior to census date, awards disburse on census date and show as a credit on the tuition and fee statement. This is not the date students receive a refund on their Texan card or checking account. See below for award refund information.


Award Adjustments and Class Attendance/Participation

Award adjustments are made in accordance with credit hours of class attendance/participation. If students are reported as not attending and/or participating in class, refunds will be held until class attendance/participation is verified for all the student's classes.


Award Refunds

If awarded prior to census date, payment of the credit balance (after tuition, fees, books and other charges are fully paid) occurs approximately 14 days after the disbursement to the business office statement. If awarded after census, students can view the refund payment dates on the SPC website or contact the SPC business for dates.


Suspension Status

Even if shown on the award letter, students on suspension for not meeting the financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy are not eligible for grants, loans, work-study, or any awards that require successful financial aid satisfactory academic progress. 


 Sept. 2018