Kimberly Dominguez

Kimberly Dominguez began her college career at South Plains College, where she attended for two years as a geology major. She then transferred to Texas Tech University and dual majored in Geology and Civil Engineering. Kimberly notes that in her Geology experience, she completed two mapping courses that required implementing what was learned in class to what was seen on the field then connecting the two to produce a stratigraphic column, map, and cross sections. In her Civil Engineering experience, she was assigned to teams where they designed a two-story office building which required designing for snow loads, designing and sizing structural members, and sizing foundations. She notes that the two majors require two different ways of thinking where geology is more "it could be this or it could be that" and civil engineering is for the most part "it is this". Kimberly graduated in December of 2020 with two degrees and would personally like to thank every professor that has helped her along the way. She is now a superintendent at a home construction company, where she oversees and coordinates with subcontractors throughout the foundation pour process for new homes. Kimberly notes, “Starting at SPC was one of the best decisions I have made because of more one-on-one time with professors which meant professors were more focused on you as an individual and on your success in their class. Coming from a small town, SPC was great because it helped me transition into a larger university. A fun fact is that I have a twin brother that also attended SPC then later transferred to TTU and graduated with a Petroleum Engineering degree."