GreenePlanet Earth is a place filled with wonders and mysteries. Geology students are often surprised to find both Physical and Historical Geology isn’t just about rocks and minerals.  Everyone is dependent upon this “third rock from the sun” in a variety of ways.  Understanding the basic supply and demand of earth’s resources within the planet can allow us to make profitable investments in our lives.  Understanding the powerful geological forces of the planet helps us anticipate natural disasters that effect our globe, our country and our homes.  The knowledge gained in geology courses can benefit every student and the hands-on learning labs allow all students to excel, as they apply themselves.

Below you will find the Geology courses we offer and below those you will find the Geology major option.


GEOL 1401 - Earth Science I

GEOL 1403 - Physical Geology

GEOL 1404 - Historical Geology


Geology Course Descriptions


Our major in this division of our department is: