Physics ExperimentTake a look around – you just observed physics in action! Physics is the study of matter and energy and the fundamental interactions that govern all of the physical world around us. From the smallest subatomic particles to the grand design of the entire universe, students of physics draw inspiration for study. Because physics focuses on fundamental principles, it provides an important background for study in astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, and engineering. We are all naturally curious about the world around us and physics can provide a way of thinking that enhances our appreciation of the amazing universe we live in. Whether your interest is in black holes, gravitational waves, the structure of the entire universe; the myriad ways that atoms combine and interact in chemical reactions; the structure and function of biological systems; the use of natural resources, climate, and environmental concern for the earth; or the technology driving the electronics of our information age and the development and production of energy sources to power industry – studying physics will give you the needed insight and understanding of the fundamental principles governing all the world around us. Come join our study of physics and learn to see everything around you with new eyes!!


Below are the Physics and Astronomy courses that we offer:

ASTR 1403 - Stars and Galaxies

ASTR 1404 - Solar System

PHYS 1315 - Introduction to Basic Science

PHYS 1401 - General Physics I

PHYS 1402 - General Physics II

PHYS 1410 - Elementary Physics

PHYS 2425 - Principles of Physics I

PHYS 2426 - Principles of Physics II


Physics and Astronomy Course Descriptions

Physics Degree Plan


Physics Fun:

  • hot air balloon

    hot air balloon

  • Van de Graaf Generator

    Van de Graaf Generator

  • Rocket


  • marble roller coaster

    marble roller coaster

  • hot air balloon

    hot air balloon

  • Egg Drop

    Egg Drop