Clinical Instructor Resources

Clinical Education Glossary

           This link leads to the APTA Academy of Education's listing of terms that apply to the physical             therapy clinical education community.


           This link leads to a Microsoft Forms survey.  If you are a CI who has worked with a                                   student PTA from SPC, please complete this to let us know how we are doing!

           This is the form that will be used to conduct site visit(s) during the clinical                                                 experience.  Take a look at this so you know what kind of information to have ready.

PTA CPI 3.0 Instructions

This describes how to log in to your PTA CPI account and how to complete the PTA CPI assessment.

This describes how to access the PTA CPI 3.0 training through the APTA Learning                      Center.

Tips for Working with Students

Tools for Students

 Tools for Clinicians

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