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The PTA is supervised by the PT, but can provide patient care interventions to meet the goals established in the plan of care.

Like all of the other Health Sciences programs you will need to apply to the program. The application and requirements can be found on the PTA Program Webpage under Apply Now or you may contact Teresa Chavez at 806.716.2391.

The TEAS is an online test that tests Reading, English, Math, and basic Sciences. You must take the exam in the SPC Testing Center on either the Levelland Campus or the Reese Center. The cost is $75.00 and you are allowed to take it twice. You must register at least 3 days in advance. You will need to come in for an advising session with a program advisor prior to being allowed to register. Dates for the exam can be found on the SPC Testing Center webpage.
You will have an Associate of Applied Science PTA degree when you graduate. You will then need to sit for the NPTAE. Once you pass the licensure exam you will be able to work as a PTA in the state of Texas.
Yes you will need to meet the individual licensing requirements of the state you want to work in.
Yes, our Program requires you to take English Composition, College Algebra, Humanities, and Allied Health Anatomy and Physiology before you begin PTA Classes. You are also required to complete Elementary Physics and Lifespan Growth and Development general education courses while you are taking Program classes. You are required to pass all courses with a “C” or higher.
Yes, physical therapy is a growing profession. As the “baby boomers" grow older the population seeking the services of the PT profession grows. At this same time PT schools have moved to DPT level of education slowing the graduation of PTs into the field. PTAs provide a valuable service to the profession by providing a skilled and knowledgeable patient care under the supervision and direction of Physical Therapists.
You can work as a PTA in hospitals, out- patient clinics, home health, school systems, Skilled Nursing Facilities really anywhere PT services are provided.
You should ask individuals who you respect, who know your values and who you know in a professional manner. A letter from your grandmother would not be considered a professional letter of recommendation.
 If you have worked as a PT aide/tech long enough to meet or exceed the 30 hours of required observation you do not need to do observation hours. You will need to ask your supervisor to write a letter verifying you are or have been an aide/tech and the length of time you have worked as a tech.
You must be accepted to the PTA Program. Your faculty advisor will register you for Program classes. You can register for the general education class online yourself or your advisor can assist with those classes also.
Yes, there is for more information about the PT profession you can go to