Compliment Day | Janaury 24

At South Plains College, we want to create a culture of joy for staff and students. When teachers, support staff, and students feel encouraged and cared for, there is no limit to what they can accomplish.  

Giving a compliment is easy, whether it’s telling someone you like their shoes, or letting them know they’re doing a great job — whatever it is, it can change someone’s whole day around. So this day is a reminder to vocalize your positive thoughts and watch them light up a room! 

How do you give a compliment?

It’s easy! First, be genuine! People can smell a dishonest compliment from a mile away so, as long as it’s something you genuinely feel, go with it. Another suggestion is to select something about the person to compliment that you know they care about, like a particular project or new haircut. Although we highly recommend focusing on achievement rather than physical traits. 


  1. Compliment three people

    If you manage to compliment just three separate people today, you will have accomplished everything this holiday has set out to do — spread positivity and joy! Try printing our compliment cards (full page or small cards) to spread some encouragement.

  2. Get creative with your compliments!

    Try writing a nice note (try using our Padlet or Google form here) or email. Go into detail and be sincere as to why the person you choose to compliment is so appreciated.

  3. Smile and say thank you

    If a situation may not warrant a compliment, try just smiling and offering a genuine “Thank you.” Even a good thank you and smile can make a person feel good, and that’s what this day is all about.

Compliment Cards to Encourage Staff and Students

A small idea can make a huge impact.
Encouragement and positivity are contagious. They uplift people and are so vital in creating a strong school culture. Compliment Cards, though small, are an act of kindness that can have a huge impact.

Printable Compliments

Use one of the printable compliment cards here, use the digial forms below, shoot someone an email or if you see them, just say it out loud! Print a full page or small cards to make someones day brighter.

full page card9 to a page cards

Digital Compliments

Use our online form and we can make sure your recipient gets their compliment.

Share your compliemnt with us all and use our Padlet. To get posting, double click anywhere on the board or simply click the plus icon in the lower right corner and add that way.