Study Abroad in The Alps

Geography and Culture May 2022

The Alps Route

Departing Lubbock

Flight Route









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The Courses

HUMA 1301 

  • An interdisciplinary, multi-perspective assessment of cultural, political, philosophical, and aesthetic factors critical to the formulation of values and the historical development of the individual and of society.
  • Language, Philosophy, & Culture Requirement 

GEOG 1301 

  • An Introduction to the concepts which provide a foundation for continued study of geography.  Includes the different elements of natural environment as related to human activities, modes of living, and map concepts.
  • Science Requirement 

GEOG 1303

  • A Study of major world regions with emphasis on prevailing conditions and developments, including emerging conditions and trends, and the awareness of diversity of ideas and practices to be found in those regions.  Course content may include one or more regions.
  • Social & Behavioral Science Requirement