Fall 2019 Meeting

8.30.2019 - 1st Floor SPC Levelland Library 10 AM

Working Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Professional Development Website
  • Goals and Plans for the Committee
    • Group talk on what we think the campus needs in terms of Professional Development for Faculty and Staff
  • SPC Book Club – Heather Medley
  • Working Schedule - Fall 2019 (Handout provided at meeting)
  • Gail Malone looking for suggestions for Tile V Speakers/Guests
  • Spring 2020 
    • Commitments 
      • April 2-3 Dr. Barry Bradford (Title V)
        • Choosing from his available topics see handout at the meeting.
    • Other areas of focus Accessibility
  • Additional Business


If you have items that you would like the Professional Development Committee to consider please email Mark Gottschalk