Frequently Asked Questions


When do I have switch to Ultra?

All South Plains College Blackboard courses will be created in the Ultra course experience starting Fall 2024.  This means you’ll need to be ready to transition everything to Ultra before August 2024.  Think about getting started in the transition now and request a development shell from, so you are prepared for the change!  You can start using the Ultra course experience for Summer 2024 courses.

Why should I switch to Ultra?

Ultra course experience is a more accessible, modern, mobile-friendly learning management system.  It was designed with the learner in mind, so students can easily switch between their mobile devices and a laptop and experience content the same way.  

Instructors also get a lot of benefits, including the ease of creating and managing content, better organizational structures with learning modules, extremely easy accommodation setup, and an improved flexible grading experience.

What are the differences between Original and Ultra?

The most obvious difference is the look and feel.  Ultra has a white background with a very simplified layout, which cannot be modified.  Content is created and managed differently in Ultra, with all of the course content falling into one area called “Content.”  There is no longer a left navigation menu with tool links and content areas.  While some tools or functions have been removed from Ultra, most features still exist (just in a different location or with improved functionality.)  

Can I see an example of an Ultra course?

Yes! Go to the course tab in Blackboard and search Ultra.  Select Ultra Certification Training.  The first assignemnt in the course is to request a Sandbox course. Use that Sandbox course to complete the Try Its as you progress through the training.

How can I get help?

Start with the Ultra Certification Training and progress through the Try It's to build your own course. Additionally, join any of our homework sessions to get an introduction to Blackboard Learn Ultra.  If you want a one-on-one session, email to scheudle a meeting with one of our team members. Throughout the 2023 – 2024 academic year, we will be hosting many training sessions and providing multiple opportunities to get more information.  Follow the Trainings and Workshops calendar for more information.

Don’t forget to search through the Blackbord Help website, as well, for many how-to articles related to Blackboard Learn Ultra.

What if I teach an online course?  What do I do?

Start by attending trainings and getting more information. Course copy from your previous Origianl course into your Ultra Sandbox course to move items and get started. If you do not have a prrvious course to work from, building in Ultra is easy an intuitive. Contact our Instructional Designer for assistance.