Welcome to the SPC Ultra Template!


At South Plains College, we are excited to introduce the Ultra Template, a cutting-edge approach to course design that enhances accessibility, user experience, and adaptability. After extensive research and surveying hundreds of institutions, we have identified and implemented best practice scenarios to create an intuitive and mobile-friendly learning environment.

The new upgrade will be released institution wide during summer 2024.

Key Features

1. Mobile Integration

The Ultra Template is designed with mobile users in mind. We understand the importance of flexibility and accessibility, and our template ensures a seamless experience across various devices. Whether you're on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the Ultra Template adapts to provide an optimal learning environment.

2. Module Structure

Our template is organized into Learnign Modules to facilitate a structured and efficient learning experience. We will also be able to tacke advantage of new Ultra features like progress tracking and release conditions. Each module is a testable unit, allowing for focused assessment and engagement. This modular approach enhances clarity and enables students to navigate the course content with ease.


3. Weekly Folders

Within each module, you will find weekly folders that streamline content delivery. By moving the original template's weekly folders inside the modules, we create a logical and coherent flow of information. This organization helps students stay on track and manage their coursework effectively.

In our certification course, we called them lessons as seen below due to the self-paced nature of the course.


Start Here Module

The first module, "Start Here," serves as the launchpad for the course. It consolidates all essential information "above the line" from the original template, including:

  • Welcome Video: A warm introduction to the course and its objectives.
  • Instructor Information: Details about the instructor, communication channels, and office hours.
  • Syllabus and Schedule: An overview of the course structure, expectations, and a detailed schedule.
  • How-To Guide: Instructions on navigating the Ultra Template and utilizing its features.
  • Week 0 Activities: Initial activities to kickstart the learning journey.

start here

Get Started Today!

Embrace the Ultra Template at South Plains College for an enhanced teaching and learning experience. Whether you are a faculty member or a student, our template is designed to make education accessible, engaging, and efficient.

Complete the Ultra Certification for more information on the features in Ultra.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. Welcome to a new era of online education with the Ultra Template!