Let the Hunt Begin!

Between March 20 and April 6, there will be golden eggs hidden at each campus. Inside is a note and a link to the flip. Add a piece of advice, word of encouragement, a lesson, a life hack, etc to unlock your prize!

Join our Flip! and introduce yourself. Get to know some of the other faculty and staff too.

Look Around

Eggs will be hidden over all 4 campuses. Be on the lookout. New Eggs and new locations will be hatched each week.

Give a Little

Post a piece of advice, a quote, a playlist, or a lesson. Encourage others. Use our Flip! and see what others have added as well. You don't have to find an egg to share. Click HERE to see our Flip!


When you find an egg, make sure to post the code in your Flip! Response. You will receive an email about your prize.

If you find an egg, use the QR code or follow the link. Add your piece of wisdom and then watch your email.

You don't have to find an egg to share a bit of wisdom.

Win a Prize

Thank you to our sponsors.

  • Hockley County School Employees Credit Union
  • Sky Gardens
  • SPC Cosmetology

Let's Play!

Week 1 Introduce Yourself


Week 2 Check in


Week 3 Give a Little