Welcome Week Professional Development

Spring 2023 | 11:30 Lunch and Learn | Sundown  Room

*not all presenters are confirmed

Online Only  | Teaching Strategies    

Teaching requires striking a balance between efficient content delivery and optimizing student learning. Ideally, students will understand, retain, and be able to apply their knowledge to new situations. Current and ongoing research on learning and cognition invites us to think strategically about incorporating opportunities for interaction, moving away from a lecture-only approach.

  • active learning strategies                 Lori Satterwhite
  • hybrid & online learning                   Alan Worley
  • metacognitive strategies                 Heather Medley
  • classroom environment strategies Brant Farrar

Online Only | Inclusive Course Design       

Just as when taking a trip, it is crucial to have a vision of your desired destination when you design a course. With this in mind, developing a clear picture of what students should know, value, and be able to do at the end of the course (your learning outcomes) is an essential first step.

  • defining learning outcomes                 Kristin Bingham
  • assessing student learning                   Mark Wallney and Jana Holt-Day
  • curriculum alignment                           Jimmy Stratton and Sharon Race
  • universal design                                     Benjamin Keltz and Audrey Trull

Monday |  Active & Collaborative Learning   

Collaborative learning encourages students to effectively work with peers, help each other learn, and feel a sense of belonging to a learning community.

  • active learning                                         Chris Riley          
  • collaborative learning                              Darin Cash        
  • how to create and manage groups        Raylene Nuffer and Mark Whitte              
  • how to evaluate group work                   Brent Wheeler and Joanna Byrne             
  • discussions                                               Hillary Nixon  

Tuesday | Engaging Students     

Strategies and resources for helping students connect with course material to better understand essential concepts and ideas

  • problem-based learning                       Ramesh Krishnan and James Kemper                     
  • increasing student motivation & participation Buffy Rattan 
  • instructor presence and interaction   Mollie Moore
  • using effective questions                     Joshua Keneda 
  • writing assignments                              Christina Bearden-White             
  • large courses                                         Katheryn Townsend and Angela Roberts

Wednesday | Assessment & Evaluation        

Assessment and evaluation strategies provide important feedback for the growth and development of teachers and students.

  • asking good test questions                Roy Bearden-White and Alma Lopez       
  • assessing prior knowledge                 Jay Driver and Jimmy Stratton                   
  • classroom observation                      Ryan Gibbs        
  • documenting teaching with a teaching portfolio      Lori Satterwhite and Kristi Barker
  • measuring student learning              Marci Miller and Karol Albus      
  • peer assessment                                 Natalie Osuna   
  • self-assessment                                 Jennifer Bartlett              
  • using rubrics                                       Andrea McCourt              

Friday | Inclusion, Accessibility, & Accommodation       

Inclusive learning environments help faculty build on the diverse talents and life experiences of students.

  • inclusion                                           Kristina Garrett and Brant Farrar              
  • accessibility                                      Nathan Ragland n and Scottie Hensler    
  • accommodation                               Dawn Valles and Becky Cannon 

February 2-3 | SPC Alumni, Nancy Munoz | Levelland Campus

  • Th student presentation |  F faculty presentation

February 24 | Advancing Teaching & Learning Conference | Lubbock and Levelland

  • watch party via Zoom and FREE lunch 
  • Registration Link: https://ttu.elementlms.com/atlc/
  • Teaching Distracted Minds: Old Challenges, New Contexts (10:30 – 11:45 AM)
  • Teaching Distracted Minds: Attention to Community – (1:30 – 2:45 PM)

March-April | Easter Egg Hunt | All Campuses

  • Find eggs. complete tasks. Win prizes - WEEKLY!

April 14 at 10 AM | Book Swap | TC 205

  • Bring a book you loved and want to share with others. Add new books to your "must-read" summer list.