Professional Development | Fall 2022



Fall Semester 2022


9              11AM    Women's Club, Shark Cootie     

16           9AM      Title V   Barbara Oakley via Zoom         

23           9AM      Title V   Barbara Oakley

30           9AM      PD          Proctorio   


7              9AM         PD      Book Swap          

14           Fall Break                                           

21           9AM        PD      Accessibility     

28           9AM      PD        Using Your Data


4            9AM      PD        Rubrics : Working Smarter           

11           9AM       PD        Favorite Things                                                   

25           Thanksgiving                                     

Past Events

Faculty Spa Day


It's a Day at the Spa with your work friends at our Cosmetology Department!

Choose from an extensive list of services at an incredibly reduced rate. Pick one or stay for them all.

Call 806.716.2288 and make your appointment now before the spots fill up!


Faculty Culinary Event

Join us for a culinary treat. We're learning how to prepare cheap, healthy, make-ahead meals.

There are only 32 spots available. RSVP here -


Sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Academics

Welcome Week

Striving to make our Next better than our Now, we seek to improve our thoughts, our practices, and our outcomes. Join us as we move from good to greater together.

All Sessions will be held in TC 205 | Snacks Provided

Tuesday | 9 AM | Next Generation |  Traits of the Class

Join Dean of Students, Lynne Cleavinger, as she shares some of the traits of the incoming class as well as specific traits and trends of our students at South Plains College.

Tuesday | 1 PM | Next Top Model | Lighting Talks

Listen in as several share models that are working for them as well as tips on how you can replicate them in your own departments.

  • Alan Worley: the benefits of our new template
  • Sharon Race: the template courses English is using
  • Jimmy Stratton: the structured strategy from Welding
  • Kevin Beaugh: different ways to use Blackboard in a hands-on course

Wednesday | 9 AM | Next in Line | Brainstorming New Ideas

Participate in a brainstorming session about NEW ideas as we cover the following topics: 

  • Kristy Kristinek: “Hands on learning” in the lecture setting
  • Kristen Bingham: new ideas from a chair
  • Jay Warnick: Workforce Development/Skills Gap

Wednesday | 1 PM | Next to Nothing | Cheating

Amy Shriver will show up how to use the tools already at our finger tips to combat cheating. Topics covered: Procotrio, Turn it In, Rubrics, Safe Assign, Lock Down Browser, Respondus... and more.

Thursday | 9 AM  | Next Level | Social Media

Bring your laptops and password for this interactive Social Media bootcamp with Adrian Mellberg. You will learn how to:
  • choose a platform for your audience
  • plan a social media calendar and automate
  • build a presence and be real
  • content ideas: get multiple uses from one piece of content
  • optimize and monitor

Thursday | 1PM | Cleanliness is next to (Pears' Soap advertising slogan) |  Online Organization

Learn from our amazing Information Services folks (Kayla and friends) how to:

  • sync your files
  • why files should be organized and on one drive
  • embedding files into Blackboard
  • keeping your software up-to-date
  • updating passwords and authentication

Friday | 9 AM|  Next Best Thing | New Technology

An amazing panel will share new ideas and interesting ways to look at common things. This is a sessions you do not want to miss!
  • Erika Warnick: Coming to Class
  • Brent Wheeler: Partnerships - Tech, community, Fest Week, Alumni, etc
  • Laci Alexander: Grants
  • Ryan Gibbs: Big Ideas