Welcome Week Professional Development Conference

August 17-21 | via Collaborate

Sessions will all be hosted in Collaborate, recorded, and posted in our Professional Development Blackboard course. Check your SPC email for links to join.

* Schedule Subject to Change


11             Basics: Best Practices      James Kemper | Marcie Miller | Sherley Bedore 

Discover how things like an LMS Orientation, Instructor roles, clear goals and objectives, and content presentation can completely change your course.     

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1              Basics: Syllabus and Gradebook | Christina Bearden White                                                  


9              Learner Engagement      Hillary Nixon | Lori Satterwhite | Clinton Bishop | Kristen Bingham         Engagement, communication and feedback are essential components of online instruction. Create resources to foster these practices. Utilize best practices and take your courses to the next level.                                  

 1              Learner Retention           Andrea McCourt 

Learn about ways to user learner engagement to increase retention. You don't want to miss this one!


 9              Assessment Design          

  • Sheyleah Plant Harris: Inline Grading
  • Laci Alexander: Ed Puzzle
  • Ashleigh Brewer: TurnItIn
  • Andrea McCourt: Intelligent Design        

Setting expectations, designing assessments and creating space for self-review work together to enhance student outcomes.           

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1              Assessment Security        Amy Shriver        

Preventing Cheating in Online Courses : Using Proctorio and Safe Assign

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Video: Cheating in Distance Learning Courses          


9              Plug Ins: Video 

  • Screencast: Molllie Moore
  • YouTube: Kelly Findley
  • Buffy Rattan: Flip Grid                                            

1              Plug Ins: Engagement      

  • Erika Warnick: Plickers 
  • Kevin Beaugh   Collaborate                                                       


9              Plug Ins: Grading             

  • Inline: Jay Driver
  • Safe Assign and Proctorio: Amy Shriver
  • Turn it In: Ashleigh Brewer                

 1              Accommodations                             

Designing for accessibility and ease of use for all students      

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