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Welcome Week | Spring 2021 

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Tuesday| January 12

2PM with Elaine Ramzinski 

Who are you? 

She’ll discuss typical F2F and online learners and ways to help them learn. 

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Wednesday | January 13

10AM with Kristi Barker 

Mi Coursa es su Coursa 

In the same way we would welcome someone into our homes, we would be wise to welcome students in our online classrooms.  Online environments can be welcoming (videos), considerate (organized), and hospitable (more short video reminders and announcements).   Instructors set the tone for the semester. How did you welcome your students?  How did you make them feel like they belong in your class?  How did you host them and help them “find their way around”? 

Guest Speakers: Emily Gilbert and Andrea McCourt

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1PM with Peggy Skinner 

Creating courses that are engaging and challenging  

Learn how to invite students to participate, motivate them to contribute and capture their interest and attention. Capitalize on the joy of learning and challenges students to enhance their skills, abilities and knowledge.  

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Thursday | January 14

10AM with Erika Warnick 

Making the Course their Own 

Enable opportunities for relevant and meaningful learning to redistributes power - to the extent that is possible - in the classroom. Such flexibility not only accommodates students’ backgrounds and interests, it provides space for students to make the course their own. 

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1PM with Kristina Garrett 

Equity and justice in the Classroom 

How do we take into account social, political and cultural issues — including students’ backgrounds and socioeconomic circumstances — to craft a learning experience that is just?  

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