definitionEvery Friday, Nieman Fellows gather at Harvard to listen to the personal stories of becoming from their associates. Every fellow takes a turn in sharing their story of what brough tothem to where they are. Personal. Professional. Spiritual.  We know there is power in storytelling and strength in sharing the journey. Stories enable us to communicate our values as lived experiences rather than abstract principles. They have the power to move people and inspire change by evoking shared values that motivate others to action. 

Join Us as We Discover |Why do I do what I do?  

Dates for Soundings | Spring 2021 

All events will be held from 12-1 on Collaborate. Watch your email for links to join.

January 15 |  DeEtte Edens, Student Health | Join

February 5 | Todd Holland, Title V Grant | Join

February 19 | Dr. Ramesh Krishnan, Math and Engineering | Join

March 5 | Joanna Byrne, Diesel Service Technology | Join

March 26 | Ron Pressley | Join 

April 16 | Clinton Bishop | Join

April 30 | Sandy Hunt and Be Nelson | Join