Spring 2021 Events

As always, there is a whole host of events and activities to support the growth and development of our faculty and staff. Join us as we continue to turn dreams into realities.


Science of Learning

Kicking off January 12, we have an amazing line up for you. Learn More

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There ispower in storytelling and strength in sharing the journey. Stories enable us to communicate our values as lived experiences rather than abstract principles. They have the power to move people and inspire change by evoking shared values that motivate others to action. Join us as we hear from amazing stories from our very own. Learn More


Virtual Olympics

Just as Olympians traing to become better, so do higher education pracrioners. Join us for a semester of individual and team events to encourage and strengthen us as we complete to make South Plains College the very best. Learn More


Way to Go, Wednesday!

Give fellow SPC employees a virtual high-five in Way to Go Wednesday. Thumbs up. Atta Boy. Proud of you. Keep it up. It's a great way to send a positive note about a colleague. Tell us who they are and how they are making a difference.

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