In an effort to enhance training, we have created some on-demand, at your own pace training courses for faculty and staff. Grow your skills. Improve your insights. With fresh, relevant courses on relevant topics you can stay ahead of the curve.

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Trainings and Courses

Getting Started 

Blackboard Guide

Syllabus Guide

Teaching Teams

This course is a sandbox for professional development. This is where past trainings and recordings are housed. There is a wealth of information inside.

Course Redesign

During the 2021-2022 school year faculty were challenged to use a template across all courses, online and face-to-face, to help students find consistency and familiarity. This course walks faculty through how to complete the redesign.

ACE Instructor Series

The Active Course Experience is a 10 part series or micro-courses that walk faculty through online teaching best practices. Each module comes with activities for you to practice your skills in your own courses.

  • Building Courses
  • Designing Engaging Content
  • Assessments
  • Assessing Learners
  • Monitoring Student Performance 
  • Enhancing Communication
  • Student Services
  • Supportive Software
  • Technical Accessibility
  • Evaluating Your Course

New Faculty Orientation | South Plains College

Faculty who are new to SPC will get a warm welcome and a crash course in all things SPC. It's great to be a Texan. This course will help you do it.

New Faculty Orientation | Blackboard

Faculty who are new to SPC and/or new to online teaching will benefit from this on-demand, at your own pace interaction to designing online courses using our LMS, Blackboard.

Past Events

Cookie Quest (Winter 2019)

Discover new Blackboard tools and the best chocolate chip cookie recipe at the same time. Earn points and prizes along the way. We'll be blind testing TEN, count 'em TEN, chocolate chip cookie recipes on our quest to find the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe! There may be obstacles and challenges along the way, but the rewards will be great... and delicious!

Olympics (Spring 2021)

Welcome to the SPC Olympics! We are all in the business of education. Whether we teach someone how to register for classes or how to apply for financial aid, we all teach someone something. These events, individual and team, will give us all the opportunity to compete and earn points for our country/department.

Try-thelon (Spring 2022)

Faculty will complete in 10 challenges, trying new things, and winning virtual badges along the way.

Organizations for Employees

Book Club

  • 2019 Learn Better by Ulrich Bosser
  • 2021 Atomic Habits by James Clear

Women's Club

A social organization for SPC employees

Study Abroad

For faculty and students who are interested in exploring the possibilities.

Blackboard Buddy

2021 Nominated faculty and staff helping with the course redesign program.