All face-to-face Professional Development will be held in the Technology Center Room 205 - with snacks!
9AM Blackboard Ultra Base NavigationJoin us as we walk through the new pages of Base Navigation. Bring your laptop and update with us.1PM Show and TellSeveral faculty are showcasing their course redesign. Learn why one lists their weeks upside down. Discover how weekly videos have changed a course dramatically. Hear a little about how all this got started in the first place.
Wednesday trainings are online only.9 Feedback FruitsJoins us to learn about 2 of the 10+ interactive tools that are offered by Feedback Fruits. Additionally, hear from colleagues who are already utilizing the tools to transform assignments.1 GradescopeThis tool has changed the way that some of our faculty grade. It saves time by organizing answers and minimizing clicks.RSVP here for the join link
9 In-Person vs. Online: a Panel DiscussionWith Facilitator, James Kemper, join us to learn about navigating the differences between face-to-face and online teaching. Get answers to burning questions like:
  • Why is the same student so different in my online section?
  • How can I update my design to minimize the emails and increase engagement?
  • How do I need to function differently in my online courses?
  • How does the brain work differently for students in online sections?
  • How do I create a positive and engaging classroom environment online?
Panelists include: 
  • Andrea McCourt
  • Kyle Keltz 
  • Elaine Ramzinski
  • Brant Farrar