Active Course Experiences for Faculty 


Faster Development and Deliverables

Micro courses usually cover the necessary topic within 1 hour. This means that actually developing content for microlearning is a very quick process. Once you get the hang of it, you can even get several done in one day! 

Focused Content and Quick Application 

Micro courses aren’t just miniature versions of courses. They offer you some benefits that full-fledged courses can never achieve. Micro-courses are smaller versions of self-directed courses that focus on a particular topic. To learn specific skills or competencies related to professional or personal development, online learning, and more begin a micro-course. These micro-courses allow you to immediately apply knowledge. 


The thought of online instruction can be overwhelming. We have developed 10 micro-courses to help faculty transition to online instruction and we are here to help you along the way. 

  1. Course Design: Building Courses  
  2. Course Design: Designing Engaging Content 
  3. Course Design: Using the SPC Template 
  4. Course Design: Assessing Learners 
  5. Course Design: Monitoring Student Performance 
  6. Interaction and Collaboration: Enhancing Communication 
  7. Learner Support: Student Services 
  8. Learner Support: Supportive Software 
  9. Learner Support: Technical Accessibility 
  10. Evaluating Your Course 

 Completion of each course will award a micro-credential and a badge that can be stored in a Badgr account or shared on social media.

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