Professional Development Micro Courses

On-demand, self-paced, micro-courses are available to faculty to enhance and refine a range of skills including technology, online instruction, pedagogy and more. 

Ace: Active Curriculum Experiences

This is a 10 part series covering using Blackboard, setting up your courses, using the SPC template, and more. To enroll, fill out the form below. You will be added to the course within 48 hours.

eTools (coming soon)

Choosing and utlitizing the right tool for you and your content.

For Students

There are also micro-courses for students on topics from Online Study Skills to self-esteem.


Each micro-course will award you with an achievement badge. These micro-credential badges can be shared on social and added to your Bagdr Backpack to be added to a resume or a portfolio. 


Employing the strategies you learn here will help you become more successful and confidient in whatever modality you choose to teach.

Select from the following list of available mirco-courses.


The Online Study Skills workshop is funded by NSF Grant: HSI Initiative: Breaking Barriers across the South Plains .  It is created by Heather Medley and supported by the South Plains College Instructional Technology Department.