Show Off | Spring 2024    

Welcome Week PD Schedule

January 26  

9:30 Pre-Show: Cereal Party | Sundown Room

Join us for a little self-care with a Saturday morning throwback to cartoons and cereal. Visit and have some laughs before we start our lightning talks.

10:00 Show and Tell: Start Here

Faculty will show off their Start Here modules, talk about their week 0 activities, and show their hand and their plans.

February 9                 

9:30 Pre-Show: Commercial Music Concert | Tom T Hall

This will be an event you don't want to miss. Listen to a mini-concert by our colleagues curated especially for you. Phillip Smith and Chris Hudgins have been hard at work putting something amazing together for us to enjoy.

10:00 Show and Tell: Timing

It's time to show your hand and make sure that student access is - well, accessible. Let's check the Bb app and our structure. Let's see how release conditions and progress tracking are going to change the way we think about timing our courses.                                                                           

March  1                   

9:30 Pre-Show: Psych Yourselves Up | on the NEW! Class Collaborate

Join Serena Menegno as she shows us the way to use psychology to calm our nerves, handle tricky situations, and put on our game face when the show must go on.

10:00 Show and Tell: Feedback

Ready for feedback on your Sandbox course? Are you wondering if you "got it" or if this makes sense? It's time to show your cards. Let peers take a walk around your course and offer some feedback. We are fine-tuning and getting Ultra courses in tip-top shape.                 

March 22                        

9:30 Pre-Show: Art Show | Sundown Room   

Studies have proven that engaging in creative art can reduce the negative effects of stressful stimuli on your physical and mental health. So let's reduce that stress and make something great. Scotty Henseler will walk us through some Art Therapy techniques for us and our classes.

10:00 Show and Tell: Visuals          

Learn about new AI tools for educators, Canva, adding visuals in items and tests. Listen to how others are using these in their courses. Talk about how you're planning to use it too.

April 5                             

9:30 Pre-Show: Journaling for Yourself | CME 105

Learn tools and strategies for quick and easy self-care, and reflective journaling. Stay organized. Process thoughts and emotions. Become a better version of yourself through writing. Join the English Department in some great writing exercises.

10:00 Show and Tell: Evaulation      

Learn from some colleagues who've been there and done that. Use the EPC rubric - and your peers - to access yuor Utlra course.