2024 Fall | Professional Development

Throughout he 2023-2024 school year, our professional development events have served as a beacon of growth and innovation in navigating us to using the Ultra learning environment. Join us as we prepare to lauch a wildly success fall.

  • Hear insightful revelations from Ultra Pilots to the practical wisdom about the Design Template and using AI. 
  • As we delve into "10 Big Ideas," faculty members will highlight transformative concepts, paving the way for a seamless transition to Ultra.
  • Welcome Week's Lightning Talks provided a platform for educators to showcase their Ultra courses, fostering a community of collaboration and inspiration.

Looking ahead to Fall, our journey continues with an exploration of "Teaching and Thinking with AI" and practical guidance on navigating Ultra Grades. 

Join us as we continue to foster innovation and excellence in education, empowered by the knowledge and insights gained throughout this semester's professional development events.

Summer | Ultra Summer Share

Welcome to Ultra Summer Share, your gateway to a series of professional development events designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in navigating the Ultra learning environment - all using Class Collaborate, an upgraded "Zoom-like" platform created for educators. After a year of dedicated training, we're excited to bring you a lineup of engaging sessions tailored to empower educators like you.

June 4 at 10 am | Ultra Pilots

Hosted by Pilot course Instructors

Dive into the top insights from our Ultra Pilot course instructors as they reveal the Top 5 Things they wish they knew.  Class Collaborate Join Link

July 9 at 10 am | Design Template and AI

Hosted by Anthology

Discover how to streamline your workflow with Universal Design and AI tools, making your course creation process more efficient and effective. Session Recording

August 6 at 10 am | 10 Big Ideas

Hosted by Faculty Partners

Explore 10 BIG transformative concepts with our faculty as they share innovative strategies for transitioning to Ultra. Class Collaborate Join Link

Welcome Week

And that's just the beginning! As we kick off Welcome Week, join us for Lightning Talks where faculty members will showcase their new Ultra courses, providing valuable insights and inspiration for your own journey.

Tuesday, August 20 |  9-10:30 | Ultra Speed Lightning Talks

Faculty will share 7 minutes about their new Ultra course. See what they've learned and how others are doing it.


Looking ahead to Fall, our offerings continue with sessions like "Teaching and Thinking with AI" and "Ultra Grades", equipping you with the knowledge and tools to excel in the Ultra learning environment. Join us as we embark on this journey of growth and learning together.

September 20 | Teaching and Thinking with AI

Join the Title V team as we explore using AI in the classroom

September 27  | 9-11 | Ultra Grades

I have some grades in Blackboard, now what? Come to this hands-on workshop with the team from Blackboard who will be on-site in person to help us get gradebooks set up and ready to calculate.